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The Chapters from Yulia Ivanova's Two-Volume Novel 'Impenetrable Doors':

This strange day. Joanna's Page 1

Joseph Stalin. The Threshold of the Judgment

Against gun-port. Joanna's Page 2

Joseph Stalin. The Threshold of the Judgement 2

The Photo. Joanna's Page 3

The Country of Slaves, the Country of Lords. Threshold 3

The Blue Embankment. Joanna's Page 4

The Beginning of Koba's way. Threshold 4

Granny Xenia. Joanna's Page 5

Something about Masons. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 5

The Return. Joanna's Page 6

No Monarchy in the Plan! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 6

A Ticket to Childhood. Joanna's Page 7

Approach to God from a Black Door. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 7

Lyuska. Joanna's Page 8

An Interrogation of a Witness. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 8

Yana-partisan. Joanna's Page 9

The Revolutionary Priest. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 9

A Lump of Sugar. Joanna's Page 10

Will You Awake, Being Full of Strengths? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 10

Fasolya. Joanna's Page 11

I Have no Other People for You. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 11

Bicycle. Joanna's Page 12

A Riot Against a False God. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 12

Captain Gvozdyov has heard an explosion. Joanna's Page 13

The Genial Doser. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 13

The Pioneer Who Believed in God. Joanna's Page 14

The Harlot of Babylon. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 14

Talent. Joanna's Page 15

Come out of Her, My People. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 15

Anatomy. Joanna's Page 16

Then Someone will Come. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 16

Peacock. Joanna's Page 17

I'm Now Smelting a New Generation. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 17

Denis - a sunny day. Joanna's Page 18

An Unknown Game without Rules. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 18

The Exams. Joanna's Page 19

Turning Fairy-Tale into Reality. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 19

It seems to my I've fallen in love with you, Joanna Arkadievna. Joanna's Page 20

I will Endure my Destiny. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 20

Lilac Lipstick. Joanna's Page 21

Works of Centuries Were Done for Years. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 21

In an Electric Train. Joanna's Page 22

The Leader's Wife is a Werewolf. Threshold 22

The Soft Clock. Joanna's Page 23

He Has a Stain. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 23

I can see a Dead Body on the Road. Joanna's Page 24

Only Spiced Dishes. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 24

Who are Judges? Joanna's Page 25

Word is Also a Weapon. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 25

She was Denis. Joanna's Page 26

A Eulogy to Censorship. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 26

The Denial. Joanna's Page 27

And He Tore out my Sinful Tongue... Joseph Stalin. Threshold 27

An Essay-Werewolf. Joanna's Page 28

Fifth Column. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 28

The Shoes of the Wrong Size. Joanna's Page 29

The Confession before the Execution. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 29

A Seal on her Mouth. Joanna's Page 30

I Advise you to Burn the Book. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 30

High Soviet Life. Joanna's Page 31

Freedom to Maniacs! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 31

We met somewhere. Joanna's Page 32

Stalin and I made Matsuoka drunk. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 32

The Unsaid. Joanna's Page 33

And I will set one Shepherd over them. Joseph Stalin Threshold 33

On the other Side. Joanna's Page 34

The Privileged Boy. Ignatius' Page 1

Oh you, Damned Caste! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 34

A Train to nowhere. Ignatius' Page 2

Tangerines smelt of Stars. Ignatius and Joanna 3 and 34

Come to me. Joanna's and Ignatius' Page 4, 35

It is such a War but she is busy with Whoring! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 35

A Screw in the Wheel. Ignatius' Page 5

Help my Unbelief. Ignatius' Page 6

He looked like Denis! Joanna's Page 36

This General has not understood anything! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 36

Will Hamlet Arise? Ignatius' Page 6

Oh the Sea in Gagra! Joanna's Page 37

200 of our Cities were Subject to Nuclear Attacks. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 37

Demons. Joanna's Page 38

Fire of being born again. Ignatius' Page 7

I dream of Stalin in a Ruined City. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 38

The Prisoner of the Caucasus. Double 2. Joanna's Page 39

The Ring Road. Ignatius' Page 8

It was something terrible. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 39

The Escape. Joanna's Page 40

What will happen to you without me? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 40

A Letter of a Deceased Woman. Joanna's Page 41

The Celebration with Tears in Eyes. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 41

He took up his bed and went to his house. Joanna's Page 42

Battalions of Lies are guarding Truth. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 42

By the Mouth of the Child. Joanna's Page 43

King beareth not the Sword in vain. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 43

The Duality. Joanna's Page 44

Are you not tired of this one with a mustache? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 44

Let Ignatius Decide for Himself. Joanna's Page 45

By Stalin's Eyes a Mountain moved apart. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 45

The Giant of the Pre-Christian Epoch. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 46

The Confession. The World and the Antiworld. Joanna's Page 47

The Evil Empire. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 47

A Fire Temptation. Joanna's Page 48

Here I do not like our Border. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 48

The Landowner Sinegina. Joanna's Page 49

People of Works and Accomplishments. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 49

Slaves. Hirelings. Sons. Joanna's Page 50

The Conflict between Two Ideologies. Joseph and Adolph. Threshold 50

You have Bought, Mother, a Concentration Camp! Joanna's Page 51

Let the Dead bury their Dead! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 51

One Day of Joanna Arkadievna. Joanna's Page 52

We have no Need of thy Truth. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 52

By Sweat of Brow. Joanna's Page 53

And I will Require my Flock at their Hand. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 53

A Requiem for Andropov. Joanna's Page 54

Let's talk about Eternity to you. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 54

The Dance of the black Swans. Joanna's Page 55

Khrushchev personally hated Stalin. Threshold 55

They were aiming at Communism but struck at Russia. Joanna's Page 56

Why would one catch up with America being on the brink of precipice? Threshold 56

The height has turned into an abyss for us. Joanna's Page 57

Who was nothing will become everything! Joseph Stalin. Threshold 57

On the family front. Joanna's Page 58

We have become barbarians in the pitch darkness. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 58

A session of black magic. Joanna's Page 59

But its idea is not available to them. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 59

The Black October. Joanna's Page 60

A crucifix and a knife in one hand. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 60

The Lord has left. Joanna's Page 61

The Catcher in the Lie. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 61

Can we consider a vampire as a brother? Joanna's Page 62

Allen Dulles has the floor. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 62

By Lips of Yegor Zlatov. Joanna's Page 63

What do we preach now? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 63

Let tomorrow never come. Joanna's Page 64

He must be terrified to himself. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 64

Fie on them! Joanna's Page 65

The foundations of the society cracked. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 65

If I had Golden Mountains. The Chosen One

Democracy is in hell but the Kingdom is in the Heaven. The Word of Father Andrew

A virus in the computer of Vampiria. Joanna's Page 66

Gentlemen, who is the last in the queue for the bones? Yegor on the main things

When your partners are tricksters. Joseph Stalin Threshold 66

I'm standing as a fool on this peak. Yegor about the main things

In captivity at the time. Yegor on the main things

Why do walk by wings? Yegor's Interview

A Good War. Joanna's Page 67

Who are you? Yegor on the main things

The Power of the Dead. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 67

The Fifth Dream of Vyera Pavlovna. Joanna's Page 68

I'm fed up with your atheism! Yegor on the main things

Nothing escaped from his gluttony. Yegor on the main things

The priests have the floor. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 68

We will solve all your problems. Joanna's Page 69

Revolution of consciousness is being born again. Yegor on the main things

Mikhail Gorbachev. Joseph Stalin. Theshold 69

Until he disappeared at night. Joanna's Page 70

In deadening ecstasy of light. Yegor on the main things

I could never smile. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 70

Log on by child ticket. Joanna's Page 71

Problems below the belt. Yegor on the main things

Formula of salvation. Once again on the main things

She finally went insane. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 71

Qu ocumque ferar. Joanna's Page 72

The Dance of Salome. Yegor on the main things

We have been very long and cruelly deceived. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 72

The smaller of the legion of evil. Yegor on the the main things

The New Russian Jew. Joanna's Page 73

Not at grips but in union. Yegor on the main things

Stalin is our everything as well as Pushkin. Joseph Stalin.Threshold 73

Freedom from Vampiria! Joanna's Page 74

I'm standing as fool on this peak. Yegor on the main things

Are we humbly will take a step into the abyss? Joseph Stalin. Threshold 74

The Pyramid. Yegor on the main things

We are broadcasting the morning exercises. Joanna's Page 75

For flight or dung? The Chosen One on the main things

What I have told, write in a book. Joanna's Page 76

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As in the novel of Yulia Ivanova 'Impenetrable Doors' texts of J.V. Stalin are quoted and discussed we provide English-speaking readers with a link to the following site. This site has most of Stalin's speeches translated into English. You'll have to search for speeches as the list is all of his works, books, newspaper articles and other written sources.

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